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Since 1881

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June 2023
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World Class Facilities

Meadow Brook Polo Club was founded in 1881 and is one of the oldest polo club in the United States. We are located just 20 miles east of New York City. Meadow Brook Polo Club’s newly expanded facilities offer members and spectators the opportunity to enjoy world class polo on 5 Tournament Fields and learn how to play at the Meadow Brook Polo Academy.

Learn To Play

Have You Always Wanted To Learn How To Play Polo? We Will Match You With An Instructor and Horses That Are Right For You. 

Watch A Match

Bring Your Family And Friends To Enjoy A Polo Match. Learn About The Game, Where To Go And Find Our Tournaments, Events And Polo Schedule


Be Connected To The World Of Polo Through Our Various Membership Options. 

Join Us For Polo

Meadow Brook Polo Club is steeped with the rich history and tradition of being the oldest polo club in the United States. 

Watch a match, learn to play, or enter your team into a tournament. We are always interested in hearing from you.

Sponsors, Tents & Events

Meadow Brook Polo Club is pleased to offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities which allows select companies the opportunity to partner with one of the most prestigious polo clubs in the world and access to an elite target audience. 

VIP Tent / Polo Cabanas / Tailgate Spaces

Reserve a field side tent location and enjoy watching Saturday polo from the comfort of your own Polo Cabana. Our Sunset Polo games are held every Saturday between June-October at Bethpage Polo Grounds.

Plan your special event at polo

Make your next event special by having it at polo. We are able to accommodate events of all sizes. Call us and our team will work with you to plan your special day.

Polo Shop*

Love polo or know some one who does? Then check out our online store. You will find great gift such as shirts, hats, tickets to our matches and even riding lessons for the polo enthusiast in your life.

*Coming soon

Affiliate Clubs

Our newly expanded facilities offer members the opportunity to play year round through special agreements with our affiliate clubs. Members can enroll in the Meadow Brook Polo Academy’s lesson program, polo clinics, and coaching league.

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